At TAX EA LLC we provide financial services remotely and securely for the individuals and small business owners we serve. As the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) and state tax authorities have sought out filed returns with potential for  audits in order to assess additional taxes, interest and penalties, it is imperative individuals and responsible business officers ensure that their filed tax returns, if audited,  will meet or exceed tax authority reasonable standards of knowledge, skill and thoroughness sufficiently to come out of the audits unscathed. 

Therefore to avoid unnecessary and expensive audits it is recommended that your returns be well prepared and devoid of positions you cannot sustain. This is for your peace of mind and it costs you less in the long run.

Are there any concerns for unreasonable positions taken on a filed return, unfiled returns, payroll audits including trust fund penalties(payroll taxes), real estate rental audits, back taxes owed, tax returns presently under audit or recently audited, IRS notices and the like? Our experienced Enrolled Agent (EA) and associates will assist you to navigate the tax code and regulations with respect to your concerns. If you do not contact us we will not know to contact you to offer our opinion. Contact us, or click the "Tax" button here to upload a tax scenario. 



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    Searching for the perfect mortgage program for the purchase of a home, an investment unit, a commercial unit, mixed-use property or to refinance one that you already have is like solving a matrix problem of lenders, loan programs and parameters.

    Our Mortgage Loan Originator is very well experienced and is a senior with Great Northern Mortgage Corporation NMLS#108318 in New York City with a BBB rating of 5/5.   We sift through many wholesale lenders to arrive at the best programs that meet your needs.

    A refinance should not reset your loan to begin another 30 years of payments. How does that really benefit you? If you have 10 years remaining on your current mortgage, for the risk-averse, your refinance term should closely match the remaining term on your mortgage for a proper comparison of the old verses new payments. This we can do for a refinance term down to eight years. If you choose, you can  shorten your remaining term by reducing your principal further with the savings from refinance, especially if you want to get out of leverage faster. 

    Contact us(scroll down), or click the "Mortgage" button here to submit a scenario to us. We'll review and respond to you as soon as possible, usually in 24 hours.